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The Free Will defense doesn't work Lukvance.

Well at least not if there is any difference between not knowing "God" exists and knowing.  If "God" treats everyone exactly the same regardless of their actions, then maybe the Free Will defense works.

As soon as there are any rules or expectations for behavior etc. then the Free Will defense crumbles.  It is like a house made of sand.  Sure you can make it look real nice and it may even be pleasant to be in, but one gust of wind and the whole thing comes down.

"God" making his existence clear and unambiguous does not violate free will in anyway.  Actually, the cloak and dagger shit from "God" is a violation of free will.

For example, lets say I own a restaurant and I advertise that I give all of the wonderful freedoms that "God" gives humanity.  Let's say, you think that sounds nice, come in and order a meal.  I bring your plate, but there is nothing on it.  You correctly ask "where is my food that I ordered?"  I respond "Well you are free to believe there is a meal or not believe there is a meal, that is your freedom of choice", afterwards, I give you your bill.  Would you pay?  I wouldn't pay, and the advertisement of freedom is bullshit.  If the roles were reversed and I received an empty plate, I don't have any freedom, I got a freaking empty plate, and my freedom is being violated because now I'm being ripped off by having to pay for nothing. 

Now, if a meal is actually provided, now I have freedom.  I can either like the meal or not like the meal.  I have the ability to choose or decide whether I like the meal or not.

Your god isn't respecting freedom, your god is violating freedom.
So let's say you own a restaurant (in this Example you are God and the restaurant is heaven) The difference between you and God is that God cannot lie. If he says there is something on the plate, there is something on the plate. Let's say I look around and see many people eating of plates that looks empty for me. i ask them what is going on and they assure me that there is something on the plate. I am free to choose, believe in the restaurant manager and see what's in the plate or don't and leave the place. I would not want to pay the bill and will be sad and hungry outside the restaurant where the party is going on. (just like heaven and hell)

Ps: It reminded me of a scene of peter pan with Robin William :
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