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Well, here's one question that you haven't answered.  That an infallible brain and free will are mutually exclusive.
The quote you just gave me was your answer to :
I think you don't have any valuable reason to worship anything. If you do, please enlighten me, what is this reason? And how this reason does not apply to God?
I don't see the link between my question and the free will/infallible brain relation.
If you have a question or wish to tell the world that you "know" that God do not have free will, you can.
If you want my opinion, you already have it.
You don't know what you are talking about because you don't have anything to compare it to.

And with reference to my post above, you will also need to show how Adam's infallible brain - that you say he was created with - led him to chose against god.  How can an infallible brain do something like that, unless choosing against god is the correct decision?
Aren't you changing the signification of right and wrong with this question?
What would happen if you ask a infallible brain to choose between an half full glass and an half empty glass? What would be his answer to the question "is that Glass half full or half empty?"
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