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Median, your view is quite interesting. I don't seem to be as versed as you when it comes to assertions. You seem to be making a lot of them and have no one to back you up.
That's ok. I realized not so long ago that talking with people who do not have a clue of a response that might satisfy them before opposing an answer made by someone else, do not bear any result.
It's like talking with those "wall street movement" people who are screaming at the economy and the famous 1% rich people but don't give any solutions to the problem they are underlining.
I will answer your questions. If you don't like my answer, ask me more.
I won't comment anymore on assertions. If you want to know my opinion or want to know the reason why I think of something, ask me.

Why can't/wont god heal amputees?
Because of the possible consequences it would have. It goes against the laws of conservation.
I know of people who have been cured by "something else" than God. The result isn't pretty to watch.
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