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Unless it is rhetorical, which it is.  Then your reply is either a dodge, or the point of the question sails over your head.  Probably a little of both.
I'm sorry if we can't agree on that God exist and is independent of the people who believe in it I don't see the point of asking such question. Wouldn't it be like making a omelette without eggs? we have to get the eggs first!
How do you know the bible is valid?
I thought that the question was based on the Bible. And that his validity was implied. This thread looks like there are some basics missing. Why bother asking the question without them?
Most of us see the bible as a collection of traditions and myths
Then I agree with most of you if you leave the Gospels out of it.

Finally, to answer the question "Why Does God Hate Amputees?" I stand by my answer. He does not. Ask the amputees who talk to God.
"Why does god not heal amputees?" this one would require a thread by himself...oh wait he does! :) so not here for the answer but there! :p
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