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I believe on the laws of God

Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

I am not Christlike, I am like King David... I will strike you who strike me. I will fight those who fight me and I will swear and insult those who swear and Insult me.

So, tough if you fucking pagans dont like it.

Bless me and you will be blessed, curse me and you shall be cursed (Genesis 12:3)

We aren't afraid of sweethearts like you. You guys are so whimpy that you could barely get the blood knee deep in Jerusalem. A less talented band of murderous thugs would be hard to find. You probably just finished feeding cookies to kittens, and I suspect you're off now to grow your mom flowers for mothers day. Plus, Ellen loves you.

You are such a wuss.

What a gay boy you are.
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