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Well I see you are getting stirred up here.  Again, I would have to ask you to prove your theory.  If evolution really happened where is the proof.  Where are all the animals that are still changing today?  If in fact evolution happens, we should see evidence of it happening today.  Or, did it just stop...lol  Why are there still monkeys in the trees?  It is because God made them to be there.  You are under the influence of the anti-Christ spirit.  If you did belong to a church and know your bible as you say, then you should know that this spirit exists.  Backsliding and causing others to fall?, you should know that is not something that you should do.  God does not take lightly to those who mislead his people.  Apparently, you never really knew God at all.  It is not to late, he will welcome you back and your ordered "hot tub" can be canceled.   &)
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