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You really fail to understand that the word atheism only exists because there is theism.  The letter "a" in front of a word, simply means without; like symptomatic and asymptomatic.  The sooner you understand that, the sooner you will cease to make a fool of yourself.
So you understand that theist sets the agenda for you to figure out. Is that too hard for you??
It has always been that way. Some seeds fall on good ground and others fall on stony ground.
The agenda is updated - simply put and still true is that "Theists know God and atheist do not".

You might feel happy debating with everyone who does not know God but the theists are still teaching the same old path thousands of years later and you still find yourself lacking the wisdom that creates believers out of atheists.

The only fool the theist sees is the ones who choose to deceive themselves and others making claims they know something when they do not.
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