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The objective morality is based on the inner conscience that God has given us.

If that were true, everyone would have identical morals, yes?  Yet when we go around from culture to culture, we do not find identical morals.  We find some basic similarities and huge differences.  Far from what we would expect if we all had a set of built-in divine morals.  So, this idea fails.

Consciousness is not empowered. It is overpowered by the mind and its desires. People are not following the teachings of their moral consciously aware teacher. If they did it would empower their consciousness and they would not give into the base nature of mind and its negative desires through the abuse of others. It would seek to elevate another through conscious awareness. That way we can have more peace and harmony in the world if people listen to the Theists who are more consciously aware of the nature of the mind.
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