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I agree with 1, 2, and 3.

However, this is absolutely incorrect:
Denial of any one of those three affirmations will strike a mortal blow to atheism. Anything and everything that happens in such a universe is meaningless. A tree falls. A young girl is rescued from sexual slavery. A dog barks. A man is killed for not espousing the national religion. These are all actions that can be known and explained but never given any meaning or value.
Just because the universe itself is impersonal, does not mean that life itself is unimportant or impersonal. The meaning of life is derived from life itself. The universe itself does not need to be meaningful in order for life to be meaningful. Sexual slavery may be irrelevant from the perspective of the universe, but it is totally relevant from the perspective of developed society.

I might deal with the morality issue later, but it should be obvious that he is making some serious errors.
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