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Hi all

Im David and i live in New Zealand.
I am 29 years old and im married with a 2 year old son.

I was raised in a very strict seventh day adventist sabbath observing church and family.
Ive been on a journey of discovery for the last 5 years after having a fallout with my church as i started asking questions.I had got a job that requires me to work on sabbath as i needed to provide for my wife and for our future family at the time. It was a massive wage increase from just above minimum wage ($30,000 per year to $62,000 per year)  so i went for it. I was stripped of my membership as i was not observing the most important rule of adventism. The sabbath.  This led me to start reading books and information id never have considered reading when i was an adventist and learning about an open mind. This lead me to authors such as Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins. Even stand up comedians like jim jefferies and ricky gervais have played a big part in helping me de lrogramme through plain old rational thinking and facts.
Bill maher did a 2 hour documentry movie on religion that blew me away how insane religions are around the world and even zeitgeist raised a few questions in my head. I dont claim it to be fact but where there is doubt there are questions.

I especially questioned the morality of my church when they devoted a whole sermon to, "you dont trust god if u dont pay your tithe"

i have missed out on so many opportunities and normal social things as a young person and my parents will never understand where im coming from as they do everything out of faith in the sda church and ellen white as the church prophetess (who also founded the sda church)

Im past the bitterness and the anger that is the resut of finding out your who life has been years of bullying and torment through school for being very wierd compared to the rest of peopl as i was taught to always witness to people. My whole life feels like a brainwashed manipulated waste of life so ive been making up for lost time.

My oldest brother cut all ties with my parents after his upbringing, he is 33 and since he turned 30 he has had nothing to do with my parents which sucks for my sons birthdays and things like that as he wont come to family gatherings. And believe me he has good reason as im not far behind him. The difference is he doesnt have kids and i do so i wont deprive my son of his grand parents who are very loving people who just cant see outside of thier little box.

Sorry for the long winded intro!

Ive been dying to find a place or group for normal rational thinkers where i can lay down my thoughts and ideas.
I think ive finally found it.

Wolf unchained stands for: i stalk the flock, i am no longer in the mass flock of sheep nodding thier heads and doing as they r told. I hunt alone and gather my own thoughts and provide for myself and my family without the need to ask the sky for help. We have a choice, a choice to be proactive and ride the wave of life for better or worse and its way more fun when u just dive in and go for it.

Im off the leash that has held me from reaching my full potential in life.

You will see me around here from now on

David - Wolf Unchained

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