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Christianity makes sense?

Yes, it does. To many people.

Perhaps it does make sense to some who were raised with it.  But can you explain Christianity in such a way as to have it make sense to others? Fully mature and  educated others at that. Where are the legions of converted Muslims and Ph. D holding scientists? You get a  few of them, but it's so few as to be statistically insignificant.

 Christianity traditionally doesn't spread by talking to adults and reasoning with them. It spreads by targeting the weak and vulnerable.

Often it spreads through child hood indoctrination Children clearly aren't capable of fully realizing the difference between reality and fantasy, so convincing them that it makes sense is easy. In western society, (well america at least,i cant speak for other countries) it's impossible to grow up without being immersed in it, so the sudden conversion of adults during emotional trauma can be explained by said trauma and childhood immersion.

Historically, Christianity has often spread by the sword, which is emphatically not a reasonable method of discourse.

Missionary's specifically target uneducated and poor peoples. Folks who are starving are often more than happy to mouth allegiance to a foreign god if it means they have food. The same goes for medical attention. What is the next building the missionary's build after the food distribution station and the clinic? Generally a school, all the better to get at the vulnerable minds of the children.

Can you show me a place where Christianity gets a large number of converts without  targeting the weak? You can argue that Christianity makes "sense" but you cant claim that it's spread has been in any way due to it's "sensibility".
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