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To answer the first question: "does the creator of all that is known and unknown owe anyone an answer for anything?" Well the retorical answer would be "no". That's because He is the creator of everything.

You don't believe that an individual is responsible for their actions then?

Why would He have to answer to you for anything? Or to anyone? He created it. It's His. The fact that He is all powerful, all knowing, and all present dictates that He could do whatever He wanted, whenever He wanted, however He wanted, and not have to answer for it. That's what makes Him God.

In what way does having great ability absolve you of the responsibility in the use of that ability? Because of the omniscience? I don't think that works because, traditionally, having foreknowledge of the results of your actions makes you more responsible for those results not less.

If I make a child, then I owe them certain things because I am responsible for their existence. Why does god get a pass in the same situation?

The fact is, that you have to start with the supposition that your god is benevolent, otherwise none of the rest of your arguments work. At the same time, you provide no evidence that your supposition is valid. Why should anyone pay you any attention if you cant make an argument without presupposing your conclusion?

"God is good, therefore all of his actions are good, and we know that god is good because all of his actions are good"

Right...If you based your faith around a pursuit of truth and integrity then you would recognize circular logic when you use it.

Star stuff doesn't have to assume that you're full of it. He can tell by your comments.
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