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Making you believe, he could, but he wants you to chose him freely.
Why?  Who does that benefit?
Because it is better to "serve" God without being his slave. It benefits you and him, it's a better relation.

Wow.  Just simply wow.

Okay, you do in fact believe in a sadistic cruel dictator god.

Okay then, if your god does in fact exist, and when I die and stand before your god, I will gladly unzip my pants, pull out my cock, and piss directly onto your god.  I welcome being the slave of your god as that is the only moral choice.

I will not submit to a dictator just to serve while others are forced to be slaves.

You can take your god and shove it right up your ass where it came from.

EDIT: One other thing, if you are serving your god in heaven, how exactly are you not already a slave?  Sounds like you are screwed no matter what, it's just that you are happy about being screwed.
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