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Predictions of Design (Hypothesis):
(1) Natural structures will be found that contain many parts arranged in intricate patterns that perform a specific function (e.g. complex and specified information).
(2) Forms containing large amounts of novel information will appear in the fossil record suddenly and without similar precursors.
(3) Convergence will occur routinely. That is, genes and other functional parts will be re-used in different and unrelated organisms.
(4) Much so-called "junk DNA" will turn out to perform valuable functions.


I find it odd that the article claims that ID is not a claim "that life is so complex, it could not have evolved, therefore it was designed by a supernatural intelligence" only to conclude that ID is a claim "that argues that the best explanation for some natural phenomena is an intelligence cause, especially when we find certain types of information and complexity in nature which in our experience are caused by intelligence."

All I see there is the author of the article saying ID isn't a simple logicical fallacy, it's a complex logical fallacy.

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