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It is easy to believe that the “end times” are close when we are so very aware of disasters and terrible things happening these days.  All of it is very hard to comprehend, it leads one to assume that everything must be coming to an end.

I try to put things in context myself.  I couldn’t imagine living as a 31 year old during the 1930’s and 1940’s during world war 2.  So many terrible things happened during that time.  Millions being killed and all of it leading up to humans actually detonating a weapon of vast power and destruction known as the A-Bomb upon other humans.  Truly if the world and human race were to have ended, it would have ended on August 6th, 1945.

Maybe during the middle ages when plagues killed millions of people and war was common place during a time which is commonly perceived as the dark ages.   Imagine if mass media existed back then.  Instead of school closing messages at the bottom of the TV screen during a snow storm you would have seen the death total per town during a plague outbreak. 

The human race has been through countless terrible times which must have felt like “end times” but the human race is resourceful and capable of adapting.  I don’t think even the worst case scenario of global warming could finish us off.  All out nuclear war might be capable of finishing us off but I still feel like a few hundred thousand people would survive.   

There are a few things that could finish us off for certain that I can think of, perhaps a comet/meteor large enough to destroy all life on Earth.  A direct gamma ray burst from a hypernova   The sun exploding for some unforeseen reason maybe. A rogue black hole perhaps. 

Still, why worry about things we probably couldn’t stop from happening anyway.  It’s the things we can do something about that we should worry about.
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