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maybe what you need to "get through your head" Is God is Other. He will not act as a mere man would. when in His Presence you will not be so bold. He is more than your finite mind could ever dream of. As for ego. He is GOD. Not "a god" THE GOD. There is none greater. I anyone has right to an ego as you call it, would it not be THE GOD?

What if the only question that could and would be asked was "should I worship you THE GOD"?

If the answer is yes, then that would mean what exactly?  What does THE GOD gain from being worshiped?  Is THE GOD insecure?

- Now if some one refuses to worship THE GOD, what then?  Hell would prove some kind of insecurity.  I have to assume THE GOD is perfectly secure, so ...

The answer will be no.  THE GOD knows why THE GOD would not be worshiped and would not desire, need or accept worship.

The only god that desires, needs, accepts or even expects worship would be an imperfect one.  An imperfect god does not deserve worship.
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