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A lot of very interesting points made in this thread with a few exceptions (I'm looking at you skeptic54768!).  Off Topic, I think I disagree with almost everything I've read that was posted by skeptic54768.  I think that is weird.  For fun I'm going to try to find something I agree with him/her on.  I do give credit to the persistence and tenacity of skeptic54768 though.  Thinking about it, I find it both admirable and depressing at the same time.

Here is my own take/perspective on the question "Why are scientists afraid of god?" (hopefully it is unique and haven’t missed it already having been discussed):

I think it has to do with conformity.  It isn’t god that scientists fear, it is the feelings and thoughts of loved ones, family and friends that believe in god that is feared.  I speak from experience on this as I have family members and friends who I would prefer not know that I don’t believe in god.  I wouldn’t lie to them if they asked me, but they’ve never asked if I believe in god.  I imagine I might try to avoid answering the question at all, but I wouldn’t say I believed when I don’t.

So while god likely doesn’t exist the idea of god does exist.  The idea of god is very powerful.  The Islam idea of god inspired people to hijack planes and crash them into buildings.  The Christian idea of god inspired the crusades as well as burning people at the stake.  The idea of god also inspires good as well, I know Christians who do charity work and donate to good causes because they believe that is what their god would want.

Of course, the thing about the good deeds, is a person can do good things and help others without a god.  Once people realize there is no afterlife, life becomes far more precious and killing others or oneself become entirely different.

I view religion as very dangerous, and I fear the idea of god.

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