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How would you go about figuring out hich ones are coincidence and which point towards a god?

In a word discernment. Like I said most are just amusing little factoids. 

That, sir, is not an answer.  It is a weasel response that allows you to pick and choose whichever coincidences you want to prove the point du jour, with no possibility of ever being proved wrong.

Why not have a stab at ACTUALLY answering the question.  Give us a list of the rules that you use to figure out which are coincidence and which point to a god, THEN we can go through the Bible and see if they work.  Simply saying "oh, I can see them" just highlights your confirmation bias and sidesteps Fiji's question.

The human pride comes in when they specifically  mentioned Earth. It goes without saying. Rather than just saying all planets or something along that line. They had to make their chip in the cookie more special than the rest. Typical human pride.

Whoooah there.  Didn't Yahweh create the Earth specifically for humans?  Is it NOT the most important part of the universe, waaaay more so than all the other planets and asteroids?  So I don't see how anyone could be accused of being "prideful" by putting priority on the earth - by your standards, its just a straight fact, surely?

biased absolutely! narrow minded concerning God? Yes sir!
As an unsaved individual I'm sorry but you can't get it
it's all foolishness to those who are perishing. discernment is something you pray for. Unless you plan on hitting your knees and having a conversation with God... You will never understand.

as for the pride thing, I'm speaking to humanists why would I present it outside your thinking?
I don't understand how this off hand comment has you all so bothered. Unless you all just gotta have something to argue about?
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