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Sorry I'm  educated. Even well studied.

Neither of which preclude "delusional"

Okay Mr Educated and well studied;

If you have evidence, credible objective evidence present it.

This is my three part challange:

(1)Define God. Do not use weasel words or circular definitions.
(2)Prove that that definition is not a logical paradox
(3)Show proof that differs from the other ten thousand dieties man
has worshipped, again without committing a logical error

Until you do those three things....your worship of that deity is the intellectual equivalent a gibbering tribal primitive bowing before their god, UGABUGA.

Weasel words? As that may denote opinion, could you define or provide example of "weasel words" please?

Circular reasoning. The date of these rocks is x BECAUSE of the type of fossils in them. Also the date of the fossils is X BECAUSE of the type of rock they are in. you can't use something with an undetermined age to determine the age of the other item with the same undetermined age quality. Yet, it happens.
Why is this fine for geology, but not God?

The following is my opinion. I could easily be wrong. However, I feel generally speaking, I'm dead on. I don't want to offend anyone. I'm just saying it the I see it.

I think I could answer your questions within the established parameters. However, I'm rather convinced that you wouldn't read anything I offered. I don't think you would be willing to commit the time or energy to an honest religious study. I also feel that you wouldn't be willing to bear through study of those other "thousands of deities man has worshiped" in order to disprove them as man made. Of course to get there we have to admit certain things about man. No, not that we are sinners, but basic  Physcological motivations. I don't think you would be willing to even start with the most basic question. If there is a God would He want us to know Him? If you are truly set on there is no God then why would you ask this question to start with. You claiming to be wise have made yourselves fools by closing your mind to the supernatural. I may even be willing to conclude that you don't even want the answers to these questions. You only ask them because you think the answer is impossible. You expect i can offer nothing in response. Therefore as far as your mindset is concerned these are rhetorical  questions in nature.

If I am wrong and your inquiry is genuine,and you are willing to study. To give time and energy. Send me a personal message. We could start today. This goes for any of you who may read this.
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