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I would also encourage you to really look at something like Carbon dating. live clams have been dated at millions of years. How about reading something scientific. The young earth theory has nothing to do with God. Only Science.

If you're going to rail on about science, make sure you get your facts straight first. Since carbon dating makes absolutely no claims about being able to date things older than about 60,000 years, your statement that someone carbon dated clams at a million means either that a) the person doing the dating didn't know what they were doing b) the type of dating has been misstated or c) you've been lied to.

You should check that out and see where you went wrong.

As long as you're here, may I ask you a question. Regarding this young earth thing. I've asked this of many theists and never gotten an answer. I am always ignored.

If humans and dinosaurs coexisted (I'm assuming you think that to be the case because of your young earth statement), why have we not found human and dinosaur fossils intermixed? All a creation scientist would have to do is go out and find one case of human and dinosaur fossils being mixed together and poof, evolution is out the window. There are plenty of places people can dig legally, especially researchers. Why haven't your people done it? If everything died at once, it should be a cinch.

Added: We know where literally billions of animal fossils are located, still unexcavated. All over the world. We're not talking about anything rare here. Just wanted you to know how simple it should be. And by the way, scientists have pointed out that the biosystem couldn't possibly have supported all the known fossilized critters in a short period of time (a thousand years or so) because there would have been nowhere enough food for all of them. And since it takes specific conditions for the remains to fossilize, most living critters decay rather than fossilize after death. So the fossils we do have represent a very tiny percentage of all the animals that have lived on earth. And like I said, we know where billions of fossils are right now.
I'll answer that but first a question of my own. If I give or mention some proof, some scientific theory, or fossil evidence, for this or any other topic, would you look into it? Or are you so secure in your own theology that you wouldn't want to rock the boat? I will promise I don't mind.rocking my boat I will look into anything you all mention. there are rock carvings made of people interacting with dinos. Also, there is one fossil of a human foot print alongside those of a dino... both thought to bet he same age, of course. do you know that one thing that must happen to create a fossil is berial? It must be quick too. This is rather interesting. Dead reptiles sink while dead mammals float. What about the dino bone found with soft tissue still intact? Young earth is a scientific theory. It's based on the same science that carbon dating is based on. elements that decay or increase at a rate we can measure. I guess you would be surprised to learn there are quite a few scientists who are also Christian. So if you are so sure please rock your boat. It's funny you would accuse me of being narrow minded yet not look into what I present. thus showing you are not truly interested in all knowledge.
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