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Is this assuming every atheist is the same?  I don't think I'm just like every other atheist any more than I was just like every other christian when I was a believer.  Have I missed something?  Is there a rulebook or a decoder ring to being a nonbeliever?  Why can't people just relate to people as individuals.  We both like Italian food - Yay.  You like the Red Sox - Boo.  I like Ozzy, You like the Beach Boys, Can we settle on Bon Jovi?  You believe in something by faith but I need evidence - let's agree to disagree and go get some pizza.

As the author of this book, I can tell you that no, I don't assume every atheist is the same and that is made clear in the book.  I also don't assume every religious person is the same.  What I am trying to do is allow believers into the mind and experiences of an atheist to better tell the story of what it's like to be one, in an effort to bridge the gap between believers and nonbelievers within families and among friends.
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