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Because my subjective morality says that victims don't matter.

I echo Quesi's post, but this highlights a point about some theists, for whom I know quite a few. That is, anything you ever do off your own back is never done with sincerity, with humility and with the idea of being good to your fellow man for the sake of at least pleasing that other person. You're only acting "good" because you see it as the way god wants you to behave, and that really, you are useless turd of a person why can't act kindly off his own back. Everything we do is bad and any good we do is not down to us, but god. You really do have a gutter view of yourself and humanity, don't you? You're better than this, and you're better than this arse of a god.

I am suspect of whether you are a Poe, but if you're not, I don't know whether to slap you or pity you.
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