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What if someome disagreed with you? What do you have to defend your position, other than your opinion? That was the crux of my question. You seem to have overlooked it.
If they disagreed with me, that's fine.

Well, I'm confused. It's as cruel as it gets... but not if someone disagrees. In that case, its....what?

Try reading for comprehension. Antidote has said it's fine if someone disagree with him, not that it's suddenly not as cruel as it gets if someone disagrees with him, as if someone disagreeing with him would change his opinion.

Great, but where does that leave us? Cruel or not? Antidote says yes, someone else says no. It has to be one or the other, right?

Saying it has to be one or the other is suggesting that there is some objective standard out there. I see no justification for making such a claim.
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