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If God healed amputees he would have to break the very laws of the Universe He set down. We would know that we could not cause harm to one another because powers would intervene and thereby we would never choose to- sounds good, yeah? But that would be tyranny. If God both SHOWED blatent acts of miraculous healing we would fall down on our knees and worship Him...we would have no choice to make between good and bad.

You'll be explaining this to all the Christians who pray for people to get better then... and to those Christians who believe that prayers for healing have been answered?

We'd have been bullied by goodness into accepting Him. He doesn't want that.

Ah, so you're just some other God botherer who elevates their position to God's mouthpiece.

It is good to endure evil to see how good the fight is in us; to use a movie example, think 'Two Face' in The Dark Knight. A 'good man' driven to almost killing a child through the woe he had to endure. In reality, once tested, he made the dark choice. He chose the degregation of good.

Yes, let's stick with The Dark Knight theme... If we follow the line of reasoning from your post, then your God is a fucking Joker.

It would also spoil nature. God made Nature, we have no reason to think this was a 'throwaway' idea of His or that our temporal happiness weighs more than His plans for it. He made rules for it and they would not be rules (merely chaos) if He, haphazardly, occasionally decided that "in this instance" they won't apply.

Then his rules are screwy. Why not make Nature differently?

Again, you'll be explaining this to Christians who believe he does occasionally decide to intervene. I'm also finding it difficult to believe that you don't believe God doesn't occasionally intervene while also being a Christian. What do you think Jesus is for Christ's sake?

If you accidentally dropped off a cliff and He saved you he would either HAVE to save all murder victioms dropped off cliffs as well, or be 'guilty' of their murder in part himself by deciding not to come in on that occasion. He just doesn't rip up the rulebook.

Again, explain this to Christians.
Uncaring? This is He who died (nailed to a cross) so that He might understand and thereby empathise with our suffering. But NO suffering is as great as the joy we will have with Him in the end. It simply does not weigh against it in the slightest.

I knew I was right to not believe that you don't think God intervenes on occasion. Do you not realise how you've undone the whole point of your spiel with this? You inconsistent, hypocritical, compartmentaliser.
By the way, He also does not defy logic. A man losing a limb might lead to some good (he might fall in love with his nurse, he could have lost his arm saving a baby, the removed arm might help research solve a particular cure...who knows! He does. The stump might have a festering of bacteria upon it- a current woe- but those particular genes might evolve one day into the dominant, moral creatures of the future!). In Britain, remember that democracy was (all be it, slowly) created via the beheading of a monarch. God didn't grow that head back, thank God.

Are you feeling nauseous after so much spinning? Well if that doesn't make you sick, this will:

The current western cultures exist as they are after Rome burnt, Ancient Greece fell and we suffered a million mistakes. Harsh, yes, but worth it.

Yes, that's right, you're thankful and find it worthwhile that civilisations were wiped out, specifically, in this case, of a civilisation that was ahead of its times and probably on its way to advancing humanity by today's standard. That was until some pious, sword wielding, power hungry Christians came along and halted human endeavour and progression by about 2000 years. Nice one.

If all this were otherwise, we'd be in Heaven. The POINT of Christianity is that we are not in heaven but hopeful of getting there.

Yes, the POINT of Christianity is to put us all under some stupid test to reach a destination that could easily have been reached from the off, if God didn't have some inferiority complex.
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Meh, I've seen better.

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