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This is the thing with this religion, it makes you think that you and the rest of humanity are shit, and that you are useless and amount to nothing

I don't think this could be further from the truth according to "real" Christianity. The bible says we have been made in the image of God(Genesis 1:27). He says he loves us so much that he sacrificed his Son to redeem us from our mistakes(John 3:16). He wants to adopt us as his sons(Galatians 4:5), and give his sons the ministry of reconciliation (2 Corinthians 5:18)

I don't see how that should make anyone feel useless. Even if a person chooses not to accept God, it doesn't change how God made them and what he has done for them.

Maybe I'm missing the point somehow....

Yes, you are. You say it couldn't be further from the truth according to "real" Christianity (that being your individual version, of course &) ), and then follow it up with what I've highlighted in bold. We seem to be working with polar opposite definitions of "love". We make mistakes, yes, according to our own moral framework, and it's for us to make amends, not to relinquish all responsibility and heap it all on an entity willing to carry our burden in order for us to be forgiven. It's convoluted nonsense.

Anyway, getting to the actual Jesus appearance and the reason for it - this is exactly seeing humanity as worthless. Why come down to "save" us from our nature, a nature that he plagued us with in the first place? Why not send Jesus to heap a bit of praise on us, to give us some encouragement, to tell us that on the whole, we're actually doing a good job of our lives and living civilly and cohesively? No, this God of yours appears to be more interested in putting us down so he can continue on his ego trip of being "the only way out" by displaying some fancy parlour tricks.

You can quote the Bible and you can add your little references, but I really don't give a toss what it says. It's what people believe and how they act on those beliefs that I am bothered about. You believe what it says, yet I've never seen anyone give any justification as to why any of it should be taken anymore seriously than Winnie The Pooh (which, incidentally, IMO provides better tales for moral guidance than most Bible stories).
I do appreciate that you're not here to proselytise or evangelise and are happy enough for us not to believe. Great. Super. Thing is, this website and others like it exist to highlight that people care about the world in which we share, and that their internal model matches as closely as possible to the world in which is perceived. While I am happy enough for you to believe whatever you like, I also care that you are basing your life around something that can't be substantiated, and that you are wasting your time doing so. The world is a more magnificent place than the shrunken shithole the Bible portrays it to be. We work better as a whole if we all try to take reality on reality's terms, and any system that makes you not is a hindrance and counter productive to that aim. The shackles of nonsense incarcerate us from making sense of the world, and I would only like to see you remove them so we can all benefit.
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