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This is not an excuse, but a challenge. God created mankind from dust, so to re-grow a missing limb is not going to be difficult for him. We need to magnify God, rather than the missing limb. If we’re more focused on our God, than on the problem, the problem can ultimately be overcome.
This appears to be extremely dangerous thinking.

Doesn't it just.

WAYN, do you not see how morbid and negative your outlook to humanity appears, because the thing is, if we are to focus on anything, then it is to club together and find a solution to healing amputees with the resources we have available to us through our endeavours in science and technology.
What I also find sad is that when such an achievement is made through years and years of dedication, research and damned hard work, I predict that you will dismiss the human achievement and heap all the praise on God.

This is the thing with this religion, it makes you think that you and the rest of humanity are shit, and that you are useless and amount to nothing. It feeds on the vulnerable, the depressed and those with low self esteem. It takes you, reminds you of this and accentuates it even further before dangling the big shiny carrot of hope in your sunken face to alleviate you of the massive put-down the religion itself, has just given you.

Humanity, for all its faults, is a bloody clever, innovative, caring, loving and empathetic conglomerate, not some pathetic, worthless, nasty creature that you wouldn't give the steam off your piss. No, such sentiment should be aimed at the people propagating this disgusting religion, for they are stupefying and suppressing the abilities we have fought so hard to freely express.
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