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Note to DrT.

I won't be giving up on you. I had a girlfriend who was clearly your twin. She thought she was so important, and so smart, that she just couldn't quite figure out why there were other people on the planet. They weren't necessary, and they interfered with her high opinion of herself. And you are the same way.

I ended up paying her well over 100K in child support, because, like you, she lied when it was convenient. Like about birth control. And the minute she found out she was pregnant, she broke up with me and went to her lawyers office.  So I'm taking my revenge out on you. This is about as personal as an anonymous web interaction can get. People like her, and you, are what makes life about at trillion times more miserable than it has to be.

By the way, all she could do is repeat herself too. The last original thought she ever had was "Gee, its kinda light that direction. Guess I slide out that way." After that, she was on an auto-importance trip and all she could say was "me me me me me me me". Just like you.

So hang around. You're frickin' cathartic.

lol, you paid over 100K in child support.  I'm glad I don't have kids if they cost that much.   lol  should have aborted it like Jag would recommend.   lol 

 If you could please her in bed, she still be with you.  She didn't lie about that.  lol

thanks for your autobiography but not sure what your wife playing the field for a better man has to do with me dropping knowledge down on IC.
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