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One of whose quotes?

I might have confused you with one of the other women on this thread.  I actually thought I was talking to the same person all this time.  lol

Here is one of your statements.  It is hilarious if you actually believe this:

"Sure they would.  The important thing is to make sure that the woman is punished for having non-procreative sex.  It's a religious thing.  Unwanted child-birth is a convenient, "natural" punishment.  This is why anti-abortion folks so often talk about how the woman needs to be held accountable for her actions (ie. having sex) and should have to face the consequences.  It's about retribution against her.  The pregnancy is merely an effective tool for achieving this."

To me, it seems like it about they think the fetus is alive.  Look for simple explanations (Occam's Razor), as it isn't  likely religious people plotting against women who have sex.  If we lived in Afghanistan you might have a point.
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