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The fetus isn't the woman's body.  That is why this is a controversial subject.   If these women wanted to abort one of their kidneys or another organ,  pretty sure nobody would care.

That's the point, DrTroll.  A person, even a woman, should have the right to have something removed from her own body if she wants.  You are saying she should be forced to give birth.  And given that carrying a child to term is 14.6 times more likely to result in the woman's death than an abortion, your position is morally unjustifiable.[1]
 1. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22270271

well to be fair, I will support abortion if the mother will perform it herself.   I think right now it is like going to the dentist for these women.

But it isn't true abortion is safe and there is a strong possibility the woman ends up sterilized and other problems, although it wouldn't be that bad if they were sterilized given they wouldn't be able to abort future babies.   lol
Most abortion doctors seem kind of shady like that guy in PA who is going to jail.  Doesn't seem like any top doctor would want to abort fetuses all day.

I think most people will give exceptions for women who were raped / incest/ possible death of mother in childbirth.   etc 

Abortion really is the civil rights issue of our generation, much like slavery and segregation were civil rights issues of previous decades.  History will remember us for what we do.
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