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I believe a woman should have the choice to abort a baby if she feels like she would not be able to support it or it would not be safe to deliver. What do you guys think? I am very new to the topic due to my young age.
-Shaffy ;D

I haven't seen how old you are.  You'll want to be cautious of word choice in the future.  A woman who aborts isn't aborting a baby. A baby is a stage of life after birth; prior to that it's a fetus, embryo, or zygote depending on developmental stage. Most abortions are done quite early on, usually at the zygote stage.

Why do you think abortion should be restricted to just those who feel they can't support the child?  As Jag stated earlier in the thread, and I'm paraphrasing here, abortion isn't an alternative to parenting; it's an alternative to pregnancy.

I urge you to give that some serious thought.  Do some research on just what happens to a woman's body during pregnancy and childbirth. Imagine if it were your body those things would happen to. You who would feel the fatigue, gain the weight, go through the morning sickness, decreased bladder capacity, stretching, swelling, and the constipation.  All topped off with hours of painful labor, which might involve the cutting of your genitals lest they tear.[1]  You could still die too. It's not as common as it used to be, but women still do die while giving birth, and it's not something you can test for. Add to all this that it costs money. Even if you're insured you pay a copay for each doctor visit, you pay part of the cost of the birth itself. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/01/health/american-way-of-birth-costliest-in-the-world.html?pagewanted=all.  But wait, there's more! How many people over the months of doctor visits and the delivery will need to poke, prod, and look at your genitals? It’s unpleasant enough for those who want to do it in order to have a baby, how horrible for someone who doesn’t want it at all!

Can you think of any situation where your body, and potentially your life, can legally be used against your will solely for the benefit of another person? 

One unit of blood taken from your body by the Red Cross can be used to save the lives of three people.  Three people who are as alive as you, who have families, hopes, dreams, fears, and responsibilities. Yet what is giving blood in comparison to even a healthy pregnancy? It takes one hour of your day, the needle pinches a bit, you sit still for a while, eat a snack, then go on with your life, plus it costs no more than your time and the gas it takes to get there.[2] Even though it's proven to save lives, you'll never be forced to do it, because only you have the right to your body or any part of it.

A zygote may be alive, but it has as many hopes, dreams, fears, and memories as your blood cells. It's not a person, yet people advocate forcing women to go through much, much more than a simple blood draw to save its life.

Put yourself in my situation. I’m 32, financially stable and in a healthy, happy relationship. Using your stipulations above I should not be allowed an abortion should my birth control fail and I find myself pregnant.  I’ve known since I was younger than you probably are now that I do not want a child.  I also believe that with 7 BILLION people on this planet that it is unethical to bring even a single unwanted child into being.

So, should I be forced to carry a pregnancy when I find the physical aspects of it abhorrent and the end result (an unwanted child) is something I’m ethically opposed to doing?  Imagine the social backlash I would face for putting up for adoption this child I'm perfectly capable of caring for. What if my husband wants to keep it and I don't? He doesn't want kids either, and would never try to force me to carry a pregnancy, but I doubt he'd be cool with adopting out his child once it's born.  If my husband agrees with me to adopt it out, he'll then face social backlash too. What if one of our parents or siblings wants to adopt the child? Do we say no, let it go to strangers, and endure their disappointment or anger? Do we let them, then face the child as it grows up and finds out the truth of its birth?  I could also die giving birth, then my husband would be stuck with a kid we never wanted whose birth cost him his wife.

There are many, many reasons why a woman might not want to continue a pregnancy. Even something as seemingly simple as not wanting a child is really not simple at all.
 1. This is all common in even healthy pregnancies, not all go quite so well either.
 2. After donating blood you're not made responsible for the well being of these people for the next 18 years either.
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