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Women are wired with strong maternal instincts  and an abortion is usually emotionally wrenching, often leading to a lifetime of guilt. 


Women aren't wired with strong maternal instincts. Biologically women have a lot more at stake when it comes to rearing their offspring, so mothers' bodies produce hormones that make them feel good and bond with their babies, and therefore want to take care of them.  None of that actually happens until birth. At that time her body is flooded with oxytocin.

Mother and woman are not synonyms!

Girls are culturally conditioned to want babies, and to be caretakers in general.[1] Biology doesn't require a desire for motherhood, all it requires is a desire for sex.  As the educational level for women increases in a given country, and access to reliable BC is available, the fertility rates plummet.  When we have a choice you'll see that we choose fewer children.  The numbers of women like me who actively choose to have zero children is greatly increasing in the developed world. 

"Baby fever" is a real feeling, but it's roots are cultural, not biological. There are many men who feel it, and many women who don't.
 1. In many countries a woman's only value is as a mother. Hell, in the U.S. women who choose not to have kids are seen as an aberration and often looked down upon by family, coworkers, and even strangers.
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