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Look up the Ica Stones. They depict drawings of dinosaurs long before any fossils of them were ever found. One of the drawings is a stegosaurus.

I did.  Some sentences that stuck with me include:

"Uschuya, after claiming them to be real ancient artifacts, admitted to creating the carvings he had sold "
"In 1977, during the BBC documentary Pathway to the Gods, Uschuya produced an Ica stone with a dentist's drill "
(In fact, he appears to have changed his story between "I found them" and "I made them" half a dozen times)
"there is no reliable way of dating the stones"
"None of the (archaeologists) reported the discovery of carved andesite stones. Nevertheless carved stones which had been looted by huaqueros, grave robbers, began to be offered for sale to tourists and amateur collectors" (my bold)

Frankly, there's more reliable evidence fro your theory in "The Flintstones" than from these pretty rocks.
Could you now say what you think of the "Ica Stones" as evidence of men living with dinosaurs?

I ask this as it would be refreshing to have you address a few of the refuted arguments of fundamentalists.

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I don't believe they are fake. The man who discovered them did not have the tools nor the complicated skills it takes to make one of these. The only reason to reject them is based on a presupposition that the dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.
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