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I think Astreja meant something along the lines that she couldn't find the words to to adequately express feelings other than disgust and revulsion after reading about those actions. Nor, frankly, can I. Not that I anticipate that to be an unusual reaction amongst caring and sentient individuals.

Exactly what I meant.  I felt anger, helplessness, and that crazy buzzing feeling you get when you know you have to do something but don't know if you can do anything at all.

On the 6 o'clock news we get the sanitized version of the latest inquest into the atrocities, then give ourselves a big Canadian pat on the back for being kinder, gentler, more enlightened, and all that rot.  Instead of starting one big war that rouses people to fight for the defenders, we wage a million small wars that take generations to uncover, and leave the deepest scars where they can't even be seen.  If we didn't know then what was going on then, why should we think we know any better now?  What's happening right now under our very noses, in our own home towns, that only our grandchildren's generation will uncover?

While it is certainly admirable that you care deeply about these things (as do I), I have yet to see an atheist explain why "walking bags of chemicals" deserve more respect than other species. Everything is just bags of chemicals. Do people cry when a raindrop evaporates?
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