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Late to the party, as usual.

Double P,

It is not a tiny little problem. It is a huge "barbed wire layed across the track" problem.

If it can't explain why genes are the way they are and how the first gene got its information, then it's not very good. A theory without a beginning is not a very good theory. I can't put all my eggs into the basket of "we don't know how it began."

Sure you can. Especially if nobody really knows/can show how it really began.

I have a question for you that concerns the initial topic of this thread and wrt your beliefs in "objective/absolute morality": would you mind telling me the origin of that? And just so you know, I'm not interested in superficial/hollow/non informative answers like "your god" and all other answers that are no more logical than "they just exist".

The objective morality is based on the inner conscience that God has given us. Everyone knows that rape is wrong deep down. Some people ignore it and go out and rape. But, everyone would try and stop a rape if they saw one taking place. This means that we place our morality of "stopping rape" over someone's morality of "fun to rape." If you claim your morality is superior to someone's then you must have an objective standard by which to judge your morals as better.

Some rapists claim they were born with a feeling to rape and they can't help it. People who engage in incest claim this too. So do pedophiles. And more recently, this is what homosexuals claim as well. Yet, we are slowly allowing the homosexuals to engage i their behavior freely instead of stopping them like we do rapists, pedophiles, and incest people. Pretty soon, we will have rapists, pedophiles, and incesters demanding equal rights because they were "born with it." But the truth is, it's all sin and we recognize it deep down. Otherwise, we would allow everything.

The truth of the matter is that if a pedophile or homosexual is "born with it" then how can we justify sending a pedophile to jail and not a homosexual? Pedophiles claim they are just as attracted to little kids as straight people are to women or homosexuals are to men. Yet, we punish them for just following their urges.
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