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But, it is a belief because you have no idea if the Big Bang will be accepted in 100 years from now. Science has changed its tune more often than we change our underwear.

So, Big Bang is your current belief, but it could be wrong in 100 years and people 100 years form now will be going, "Can you believe those idiots believe din the Big Bang? LOL!"

Absolutely correct. Except that they will understand why we were wrong. They will know things that they know we did not. They will know things that we technologically have no access to. They will understand why we were wrong.

A hundred years from now, you guys will be wrong for exactly the same reasons you are now, and the technologies and discoveries that you have ignored for the last 400 years won't have changed a whit.

That you think you are winning this argument right now just goes to show how little you actually know.

So you admit the Big Bang could be wrong?
Well, no sense in bothering with it then.
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