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My house, my rules. If you don't like it, then leave."
Is the parent evil and wrong?

Would you prefer the parent spoil the children and let them do anything they want?
As opposed to putting them on the street with nothing? Yes.

Suppose a parent has a son who refuses to get a job.
Should the parents kick the son out or let him keep living there mooching off the parents?
Are we talking about a grown adult or a teen?

And in what way is your god not throwing his children or creation not just out of the house, but into eternal damnation? I fully understand the actual children of your god are Christian and your god could care less about me because I am not Christian. Yet in your opinion was I created by your god and am I not one of his children? Just that one ungrateful kid that he will burn in the basement.... forever.

This is a subject that I am flabbergasted by.

You atheists would seriously just let your grown children stay in the house if they refused to get a job?

Where's the incentive for them to work then? lol

Telling your children, "I know you are 25 years old now, but since you are refusing to get a job, that's fine. I would never kick you out. You're too important to me." This hypothetical parent has just given his children a free license to mooch off of them forever.

How is that good?

 Imagine him telling his friends, "My dad isn't making me work and he's not kicking me out! I have such an awesome life!"

Compare that to a parent who says, "if you don't have a job by the time you're 25, you're out of here." This child would shape up real quick!
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