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That was a pastor response to that question:

Question: Why won't God heal amputees?
Answer: Because God can make you win at life without legs or arms. He doesn't need you to be perfect. He can do anything.

What do you think about this argument?

If Biblegod  can "do anything" then, it can give back arms and legs.


God spreads the gifts out to species. Salamanders can regenerate limbs. Humans can't. That's how God made it. other species have stronger jaws than us. Humans have sentience, other species don't.

This is God spreading out his gifts over different species.

of course God could regenerate limbs if he wanted to, but then the process would most likely be the same way he does it for salamanders. Then atheists would say "No miracle! it's a natural process!" This is what they already do with the salamanders.....
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