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God never said life will be an easy breezy walk in the park. The Bible says that the sun shines on the just and unjust and the rain falls on the just and unjust.

Believers don't get a free pass out of suffering. Suffering is a test of our faith. Look at how many atheists use the problem of evil as a reason for God not existing. These people failed the test. There are amputees out there who praise God every single day and don't care about their missing limbs. These passed the test.

The question is based on a false assumption that God is supposed to never allow anyone to suffer. This is simply not true. Bible is flooded with examples of believers suffering hardships. True believers see it as a hill to climb. Non-believers see the hill and don't even bother to climb it.

I have seen amputees with one hand work a job better than someone with 2 hands. Look at how many people are collecting disability payments for no reason. These people need to suck it up and quit whining. There's people with one hand working 9-5 jobs and others are on the couch all day watching TV collecting free money with 2 hands with remote in one hand and chips in the other.

Just pure silliness.
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