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Yabber away numbskull, yabber away. It helps me identify live legitimate targets. I'm ex special forces it's the way I think, and you are the enemy and I am behind enemy lines. Keep talkin!
Honestly, why should I care whether you're ex-special forces or not?  It isn't going to make me pay any greater amount of attention to you or your opinions.  I suppose you might be trying to intimidate me, but again, why should I care?  Anyone can make any claim they want on the internet.

Just like how i can say i have a sentient companion in my head called Alexis ;D.
(Sorry Anfauglir, had to)

Also, whats with internet "badasses" and ex special forces?
What is military background going to do?
Grow up Crowbar...

Grow up crow bar. That was a witty clever retort worthy of my attention...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!
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