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Pretty much the whole field of geology only makes sense in terms of the Earth being billions of years old.

If the book you're reading is convincing you, then please relate what it says.

I you are really interested in scientific fact and not fairy tales, go and buy a copy. It is a balanced presentation and clearly show that the OBSERVED scientific evidence can easily support a young earth "theory" model. By the way I didn't need this book to convince me evolution theory is rubbish, I've known that since I was about 9

PS I have been a Christian for 25 years, I didn't start reading so called "science texts" until I began coming across the ever growing army of Dawkinite Zealots hell bent on vaporizing men of faith in facts AKA Christians, atheists, ex Christian atheist (the worts of them all) all bellowing that they they have scientific proof bible god doesn't exist. Thats when I began my search for this this so called evidence. It's been oh about 10 years now still not found any but it's great fun taking the mickey of atheists because I hate liars more than murderers and any atheist who claim to have scientific proof but NEVER presents any, is a pernicious perfidious liar in enemy of not only truth but of the eternal destiny of the easily influenced.

Know this all you atheists mocking God and mocking believers in the book of books, you are having fun thinking of us fools, thinking you are very clever, I wonder if you actually hate us as much as we truly detest you from the very deepest recesses of our souls. Oh yes we have compassion and concern for your eternal destiny, but it's past that, well past that, it's war for the souls of men. I take that very seriously indeed. And I am going to [deleted] and shame as many of you as I can. 

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