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This is why I've recently taken to describing the would-be creator of the universe 'he/she/it/penguin', since, without corroborating evidence, a transuniversal uber penguin shitting the universe into existance is just as likely as biblegod/Allah/Gaia/Ymir[1]/The Undertaker doing so.
Go on, try to disprove my shitting penguin theory[2]!
 1. yeah, yeah, I know Ymir isn't credited with creating the universe.
 2. and I even raped the word theory to make my point

+1 for the penguin theory- I can see no evidence against it !
All hail the penguin god.

I think e=mc2 is a well proven and accepted truth.
For there to be any chance of a god creator, am I right in assuming that  he/she/penguin would have to be able too somehow bypass this truth while they did their creation thing ?
Could there ever be a situation where e=mc2 did not apply?
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