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You say that an invisible force called evolution created us, and continues to progress us forward.

Evolution is more of a visible process, rather than an invisible force.
You can observe it, and it follows a simple process of "animals that breed pass on their genes".

While there is no intelligence behind evolution, just an invisible drive that somehow propels us to live.

It does not propel us to live, instead, evolution simply explains the diversity of life.
Potentially evolution could allow a set of behaviors that make a species incredibly willing to live (well, its already happened, look at virtually every species), but that is just one part of it.

That same force has somehow given us an ability to enjoy things and be sad about things, create music, art, etc?

As species get more intelligent, emotive abilities get enhanced, and artistic skills start to arise.
So yes, it did that.

So far, it seems like less faith is required to believe in a designer, than an undetectable force behind evolution.

In terms of faith.

Natural processes that can be observed<<<<<<<Supernatural concepts that have no backing and cannot be observed.
Sorry to burst your bubble.

Since it's intelligent design that we observe with everything else in life, it only makes sense to belief in a designer of nature.

The issue with intelligent design, is that animals are not very well designed.
If mere humans can design better creatures, and humans themselves are horrendously flawed, then the designer is either more retarded than most humans (not hard to accomplish), or does not exist.

Look at most species for example.
Their eyes to be precise.

There is a rather nasty layer of nerve that blocks out some light, and a large bundle of the stuff that makes a "blind spot".
Humans, apparently gods favorite species, has such a nerve.

Cuttlefish, in their relative irrelevances to an omnipotent being, have no such layer, instead, it is behind the rods and cones, allowing superior vision, and no blind spot.

All cephalopods have said eyes, its almost as if...Jeese...as if that type of eye evolved!

I can list more stupid "designs" if you want.

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