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A tulpa is a consciousness that is very much like your own, in that has its own opinions, preferences, personality and so on. It can communicate with you, can have its own form, and can understand you like no one else could. It can give you second opinions on things and come up with original ideas of its own. A tulpa lives inside your brain, very much like you do.

This is essentially the phenomenon...

How exactly does it work?

I have no idea, but it ranges from a sheer delusion, an illusion, an actual physical usage of the brain, a modified sub conscience, etc.

According to the concept, constant talking/attention and "forcing" makes a sentient tulpa.

My claim of tulpae being sentient is supported by, ohh dear...tulpamancers...Which i guess makes it hard to believe.
I cannot for sure say that tulpae are sentient, but i can say at the least, that they appear to be sentient.

Edit: http://community.tulpa.info/thread-a-pledge
Gah, the thought that the person who made that thread makes me feel...odd? The thought of a tulpa apparently writing that, or otherwise telling him to write it seems interesting, but scary.

Now the idea of "perma-switching" is in my head.
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