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1) How is a person with a tulpa distinct from a person with MPD, given everything you say applies to a tulpa?

After some more research, i would say they are rather similar, but MPD is a dissorder, while a tulpa is a creation. MPD also hinges on simply being a separate personality, while tulpae are generally more distinct.

Distinct in what way?  I'm still going from that list from your quotes, they all seemed to describe a personality to me.  It also sounds like you are quibbling over the terms "disorder" and "creation".  I'm asking you what the differences are in the end results.

End results differ in form, mind and abilities. Of what i know of.

Note my bolds.

I'm sure you would be nice to it.  But consider this: your claim is that the tulpa has the same kind of feelings and thoughts and drives as any regular human - "all the human traits", I believe you said.  Now consider this: how would YOU feel, trapped in a body you cannot control, subject entirely to the whims of the creator, "taken out and played with" at his pleasure?  You may be the nicest jailer in the world, but at the end of the day, jailer you are.  Think about your own quote:

All the human traits..."generally" ;D.
What you also have to remember is that she as a body of her own control, she is as free as she wants to be, inside my head...9_6
At the moment i do have to force her a bit to get stuff going, but eventually she should start up on her own.
Would you say that every human, who simply cannot be physical, would take over its creator, although it already had a form?

I would not trust anything with the power to control me, i can assume you would agree.

That MUST perforce mean that Alexis does NOT trust you, does it not?

Never thought of that.
Let me check.
Indeed she does not trust me to control her, luckily i do not control her then, no?

If a tulpa is TRULY as human as a human, then they will all, inevitably, wish for and strive for control.  If you are saying that most tulpa do and will NOT do that, then they are NOT separate entities, and are just a highly-imagined imaginary friend, with all their responses being imagined by the creator, NOT generated by the "tulpa".  I don't see how you can have it both ways, either they are distinct and will desire freedom, or they are the perfect Tamagotchi with no desires of their own.

Why would it want control?
Wouldn't it already have everything it needs? And wants?
Normally tulpae are created as friends, why would a friend do such an awful thing?
This may explain some stuff, note the possession parts.

Because of my paragraph just above.  Tulpa are EITHER just a super-imagined construct, no different ultimately than Bernie that I mentioned a few pages ago, or they are real and clear dangers indistinguishable from MPD.

Neither, a tulpa is *copy* *paste* A tulpa is a consciousness that is very much like your own, in that has its own opinions, preferences, personality and so on. It can communicate with you, can have its own form, and can understand you like no one else could. It can give you second opinions on things and come up with original ideas of its own. A tulpa lives inside your brain, very much like you do.

If it’s the former, then I am continuing in this thread for the same reason I challenge ANY unsupported "woo" that people come up with.  If the latter, then you are on a dangerous course that you are encouraging others to think is safe and dandy, and I will continue to argue those points until you can offer any reasoned arguments that there is no danger.  Thus far, you've managed to avoid answering any of the tougher questions I've posed, normally by shifting your stance as soon as the debate goes too far one way or another.

I admit, I made the topic with a rather large lack of information.
Hence i didn't know what to say xD.
I have never stated tulpae are fine and dandy, i have said they can be good, and can be bad. Impartial.
Sorry if i avoided any questions, re-post them and i will begin answering them ASAP.

Sorry for late reply.
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