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Love=acceptance, compassion, forgiveness, empathy, help/charity, understanding, respect, giving, connected, survival, hope, warm and comforting.

Pretty sure that...

Love= love
And the rest equal themselves...

I think y'all think if you just make fun of me enough I'll change my mind and be like you; not that there's anything wrong with you, but I am who I am and there's nothing wrong with who I am. 

Resistance is futile, lower your shields and prepare to be assimilated.
Err...sorry...borg moment there...

To the rest of you I think you shouldn't call people names and then criticize them for defending herself.  That's why I keep saying you are arrogant.  I have for the most part dealt with your derogatory remarks like a lady.  I flipped my lid 1 time and that was understandable. 

If there is one thing I have learnt here, if you post anything that is dismissive, prepare to be abused.
As advice, grow thicker skin, or do not post things that can lead to flaming.

Edit: Ohh my, i have a 1:1 karma ratio 9_6, that means i need to post more tulpa related stuff...
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