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You're moving the goalpost again. Is that what you mean by modifying your position? The original contradiction has to do with two conflicting passages, and the new one has to do with a claim against one.

Unless you are a Greek scholar, you should probably realise that the version of your bible you're reading may not be translated in precisely the way it was meant to be conveyed, that's the nature of translation. Edit: transcription


"Polhill in his Acts commentary [92n] notes that the phrase translated "becoming headlong" (prenes genomenos -- translated as "falling headlong" in the KJV, but literally being "becoming headlong" as shown in Green's Interlinear translation, 366) is a mere transcription error away from being "becoming swollen" (presthes genomenos). The latter may well be what was originally written, and as such might describe Judas' body swelling up after hanging for a while"

And your grasp on English also isn't what you claim it to be, here are examples of the meanings of headlong

2.without delay; hastily: to plunge headlong into work.
3.without deliberation; rashly: to rush headlong into battle.
4.undertaken quickly and suddenly; made precipitately; hasty: a headlong flight.

Now please leave me alone.
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