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Hi everyone; your resident black dreadlocked atheist commie mommy here. Y'all have said nearly all the relevant things I would have said to the burger guy --although in not nearly as witty and incisive a style as mine. :angel:

One thing nobody has brought up. He said when he was an unbeliever,  he responded to religious people with goodness in his heart. Unlike most atheists. Huh?

Actually that's not what I said. I said that I tried to help them with what I saw as a disease in believing in God. I did it with the best of intentions. I also wasn't presuming anything about atheists in general.

I doubt that most of the people he knew were atheists-- in the US that is not even possible! And we have as much goodness in our hearts (along with blood, arteries, cholesterol, spare valentine candy) as anyone else. Does he make a low-carb burger option?

When did I say most people I knew were atheists? Most people I knew were religious but didn't actually have a relationship with God. We have a veggie burger!

I would like to reiterate one point: it is not surprising that a guy in the US would decide that Jesus Christ was the main dude. When I briefly returned to religion back in college (because my life was falling apart and also to chase this cute Christian boy) I, too, decided it had to be Jesus Christ speaking to my soul. It would be very surprising, even evidence worth researching, if either of us had heard from gods we had zero previous knowledge of, like Durga, Shango or Ahura Mazda.

People all over the world find Christ and the fact that many people do in the US, isn't evidence that Jesus isn't God. The key is that you returned to religion. You've never had a relationship with God. It's hard to hear from god's that don't exist.

Rationality returned eventually, except a brief new age interlude when again, not coincidentally, my life was in crisis. And he had to diss on the JW's, didn't he? I might be showing up on his doorstep this Saturday morning if I had not become an unbeliever. He should be happy I am no longer religious. ;D

I am happy you are no longer religious. That's one thing that hasn't changed from my atheist days, I still try to save people from religion.

And if some god wants to materialize in my bedroom someday, I would much rather Jesus stay home. Next time the hot white guy with long blonde hair better be Thor.... :-*

What do you have against Jesus?
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