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Some people will not truly consider God . . . until they're aware that THIS might be their last breath.
Imagine being on the 100th floor of one of the Trade Towers on September 11th and realizing your flight down the stairs might not get you out safely.
Or imagine a rainy night on the highway as you are driving home late one Friday and a semi tractor trailer faces you head on with no time to react.
Then there's always the doctors diagnosis that "Yes, I'm sorry, it's cancer and it's beyond treatment."
All of us must face the reality now, while we still have eyes to read and time to ask "God, if you're real, will you please show me?" As we open up the only Book that we know, deep in our hearts, is like no other on earth.
So, if YOU truly want to know if God is real, He has given YOU His personal challenge and invitation: Open His Book (Bible) with an honest desire to know Him as He is, start reading and don't stop until you "SEE" Him. He reserves Himself for those who WANT to know Him.
Who knows,
COULD be your last.
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