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Why do you believe in a god?

I mean, it sounds like you're using your beliefs to try to make yourself a better person.  Which is not a bad thing in my opinion.  It is certainly far better than the "REPENT AND BEG GOD'S FORGIVENESS LEST YE BE DAMNED!" crowd, who go through a similar process of making a personalized version of God, but who then try to act like that represents the reality for everyone.

But I don't really understand why you believe in a god, since you don't seem to need God for anything in particular.

Probably because if I were God it'd make sense to do the things God MUST have done to create things as they are. Consistent creation methods etc. I don't believe God has to resort to booga booga magic to do things, unlike most other people I talk to who believe.

If we're to exist alongside other organisms that can evolve, to make us incapable of doing so would be foolish. In addition, that would prevent the utilization of things like inherited traits, such as skin tone, hair color, height and more.

If we're to have free will, there must be independence from any "higher plan."

It's not so much that I can definitively say "there is a god and here's why" as it is that I can say "I act in a way that a God worth worshipping would approve of," I think. That's why you see me saying some of the things I say regarding personal morality and adherance to it.

It's like... If I die and there is a God, hooray!

If there is no god, then when I die then I'll simply cease to exist, so it's not like it'll matter THEN, haha. Still don't want to have lived as a shitty person though.

But from what I've learned, which again I may be completely full of shit after studying so many things and have accidentally created my own pastafferian style religion, is that if you honestly strive to do what you believe to be right, you are a good person, despite possibly being misguided, and a god that doesn't agree is evil.

It seems like the god of the bible does the white throne judgement, where if you stole a crayon from school on accident in kindergarten you're FUCKED, because he's only judging whether or not you've been tainted by sin, since that's not allowed in heaven. Jesus determines whether or not you're a good person base upon your adherance to "the law written upon your heart" which has nothing to do with religion itself, and if he sees you as worthy and repentant of your sins he offers rebirth into a sinless form in exchange for you agreeing to give up free will and become UNABLE to ever sin again, then sends you to the white throne judgement clean as a whistle.

This universe, supposedly, will be destroyed. I remember reading something about how the universe is continuing to expand, so it seems that one day the universe will expand to the point where "energy" doesn't exist, a cold and motionless, forever expanding collection of matter, so this universe (if that's true) does indeed have an expiration date.

So it seems to me that it COULD be true, but morality and the like are independant of whether God exists or not. At the same time it could be bullshit. That's why I'm so fervent about human immortality.

I don't want to find out whether there is a god or not, I'd rather be a decent person, eat space pizza hut and play metal gear solid 56, thanks.

It just... I mean scrying is webcams, telepathy is cell phones, evil spirits spoiling the milk is bacteria (spoiling the milk), so much "magic" is already science. I don't see why science can't be considered magic, just with rituals such as generation of electricity that actually fucking work instead of bullshit you know? Even without god, this world's magical as fuck. I love it. 
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