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I don't know any person of faith who wouldn't happily answer that for you,

I can't speak for others, but I'd say that when you acknowledge faith in something, you acknowledge that you can't prove it, that you chose to believe and commit to that belief to some extent. which is an honest position for any stance on the 'ultimate question' isn't it?

Not really! if we are discussing any sort of 'ultimate question' such as where did the universe come from or what happens after we die then a rational response is to say that we do no know yet. It is not rational or reasonable to claim belief in something written down a long time ago and claim merit for having faith in it.

It's true we don't know, but most of us are interested enough to examine what evidence there is and come to a best guess. maybe you are a 50/50 agnostic but that would be pretty rare! faith is acknowledging that your best guess cannot be proven, For most of us that best guess throughout history is usually that some sort of creative intelligence was probably involved. For this there are certain implications that follow, why? what's our role, purpose etc? 

Let me ask you, do you acknowledge that you can't prove your beliefs? i.e. that what you have is faith? if not THAT is the false religion, i.e. one that does not acknowledge faith but asserts inherent intellectual superiority over others' beliefs, which I think is where the problems begin for any belief/religion?

What's all that about? Are you saying that having faith in the unprovable and something with no hard evidence is meritorious?

it is 'meritorious' to acknowledge your personal faith, that you have no proof for that belief. that's what I'm asking you re. your belief in atheism- however strong it may be, I suppose it's a sliding scale , I'd consider myself about 85% leaning towards God- how about you? I have no problem with alternative theories, alternatives are always needed to compare, I just don't consider them very plausible
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